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Metal chassis from National Instruments enable data acquisition systems in harsh environments

By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Search In. NI CompactDAQ controllers further the integration of your data acquisition system by combining the processor and cdaq-9171 storage with the data acquisition and signal conditioning in a small, rugged form factor.

NI has partnered with Intel cdaq-9171 bring the latest industrial processors, such as the dual-core Atom, cdaq-9171, and Celeron chips, to the data acquisition market. Instrumentation placement and installation are important parts of a test setup.

You can minimize surrounding cdaq-9171 noise by placing instrumentation close to the test subject because the digital signals used by USB, Ethernet, Each cycle results cdaq-9171 four increments or decrements, as shown in Figure A high level on channel Z causes the counter to be reloaded with a specified value in a specified phase of the quadrature cycle. You can program this reload to occur in any one of the four phases in a quadrature cycle. Channel Z behavior—when it goes high and how long it stays high—differs with quadrature encoder designs.

Installing and Configuring CompactDAQ Chassis - National Instruments

You must refer to the documentation for your quadrature encoder to obtain timing of channel Z with respect to channels A and B. You must then ensure that channel Z is high during at least a portion cdaq-9171 the phase you specify for reload.


For instance, in Figurechannel Z is never high when channel A is high and channel B is low. Thus, the reload must occur in some other phase. In Figurethe cdaq-9171 phase is when both channel A and channel B are low. The reload occurs when this cdaq-9171 is true and channel Z is high. Incrementing and decrementing takes priority over reloading.


Thus, when the channel B goes low to enter the reload phase, cdaq-9171 increment occurs first. The reload occurs within one maximum timebase period after the reload phase becomes true. After the reload occurs, the counter continues to count as before.

The figure illustrates channel Z reload with X4 decoding. The counter increments on each rising edge of channel A. The counter decrements on each cdaq-9171 edge of channel B, as shown in Figure Buffered Sample Clock Position Measurement With buffered position measurement position measurement using a sample clockthe counter increments based on the encoding used after the counter is armed.

Import Data and Price of cdaq chassis under HS Code Zauba

The value of the counter is sampled on each active edge of a sample clock. The count values returned are the cumulative counts since the cdaq-9171 armed event; that is, the sample clock does not reset the cdaq-9171. You can route the counter sample clock to the Gate input of the counter. An active edge on the Aux input starts the counting and an active edge on the Gate input stops the counting.


You must arm a counter to begin a two edge separation measurement. After the counter has been armed and an active edge occurs on the Aux input, the counter counts the number of rising or falling edges on the Source. Cdaq-9171 counter ignores additional edges on the Aux input.

National Instruments cDAQ Series cDAQ-9171

The counter stops counting upon receiving an active edge on the Cdaq-9171 input. The counter stores the count in the FIFO.

cdaq-9171 You can configure the rising or falling edge of the Aux input to be the active edge. You can configure the rising or falling edge of the Gate input to be the active edge. Use this type of measurement to count events or measure the time that occurs between edges on two signals.

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The counter then stores the count in the FIFO and ignores other edges on its inputs. The counter counts the number of rising or falling edges on the Source input occurring between an active edge of the Gate signal cdaq-9171 an active edge of the Aux signal. Thank you for submitting your InstraView Request! cdaq-9171

Check the System Requirements To install a hardware cdaq-9171 package, you must have a supported product release, along with the required operating system and base product. View the hardware support package system requirements table and confirm you have: A supported release A supported operating system The required base products If you do not have a supported release or the required base products, you can get started with a free trialor you can purchase products.1‑Slot, USB CompactDAQ Chassis—The cDAQ‑ is a bus‑powered, CompactDAQ USB chassis designed for small, portable sensor measurement systems. These specifications are for the National Instruments cDAQ chassis only. For the C Cdaq-9171 module specifications, refer to the documentation for the C.

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