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Yamaha Digital Mixing Studio n8 digital mixer - 8-channel Specs. Yamaha Digital Mixing Studio n8 digital mixer - 8-channel N8. Yamaha n8 talk to a sales specialist!

Yamaha N8 Digital Firewire Mixer

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Yamaha N8 Digital Mixing Studio Great for sale online eBay

This feature is not the best feature you can have but it is very powerful, because it generally does not come on a lot of units that are of this price range. That feature is generally yamaha n8 bigger boards and in larger studios. The fact that this mixer is affordable and can be purchased for home use, plus yamaha n8 has soloing on each channel makes it one of a kind.


Connecting a computer to the mixer's IEEE port enables yamaha n8 to configure an ideal recording environment with seamless integration into Cubase 4. For monitoring purposes you can connect yamaha n8 monitoring speakers each stereo to the mixer. If a computer is connected to the n8, you can monitor the sound from Cubase or another DAW in a 5.

Analog-like mixing interface enables you to bring your sonic imagery into reality. The mixer can handle up to 12 channel inputs mixing them to stereo outputs. Each monaural input jack features an phone and XLR jack with a phantom power supply, which enables you to connect a wide range of instruments and devices, from condenser microphones to synthesizers and other line-level instruments. No compressor has ever made it this easy to dial up the perfect compression for such a wide range of yamaha n8. And since the Sweet Spot Morphing Compressor is based on Yamaha's extraordinary analog modeling technology, no other 'simple' compressor sounds anywhere near as good.

Alternative sweet spot data can be downloaded from Sweet Spot Data Library. The n-series equalizers have been created through an extensive study of the most musical and desirable consoles used by leading artists and engineers throughout the world.

They offer a finely-balanced and dynamic relationship between EQ curve, frequency ranges, and other factors that give you truly musical control. High-resolution Rev-X Reverb Yamaha's Rev-X digital reverb algorithm is renowned for its high resolution and extraordinarily yamaha n8 sound. The n-series consoles offer this leading technology built in. You have a choice of hall, room, and plate reverb simulations with reverb time and level control.

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This superlative reverb processor can yamaha n8 used for wet monitoring while recording as well as for adding ambience during final mixdown. Dimmer and Mute Switches These handy functions are normally only found on large studio consoles, but you'll be glad Yamaha has included them on the n8 and n As you'd expect, the mute switch mutes or un-mutes the console's output, while the dimmer switch reduces the output to a level that is still audible but allows conversation or phone calls. Customer Reviews.


There are only two controls, but despite the simple approach it seems to be very effective. These channels' inputs are on RCA phono yamaha n8 quarter-inch jack. As is so often the case in smaller mixer designs, there is no EQ bypass switch.Yamaha N Designed to integrate with Cubase, and featuring new preamps and compressors, Yamaha's N-series digital mixers have been causing quite a stir. Only yamaha n8 Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing and ✅ FREE Warranty for your Yamaha n8!.

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