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For me, the resolution advertised by the spice client is the first in the list from xrandr output. When I switch to that resolution, xorg doesn't ever completely switch, and fedora qxl graphics stop at the last resolution.

Forbes UTC. When you create an new virtual KVM virtual system the video ram is limited to 16MB by default to use a higer screen resolution fedora qxl need to increase the video ram. Done The following additional packages will be installed: linux-generic linux-headers VirtIO: supports only up to x, but saves the domain correctly. I'd like to get some general direction from the community on where I should be looking for resources on this. In gnome-terminal it's Shift-Ctrl-C to copy. After removing kernel option "rhgb", the system now launches the graphical login manager successfully, and GNOME on Wayland runs as expected.

Installing Windows 10 on KVM

fedora qxl However, the screen exhibits a strong flicker. Yeah, so I learnt in fedora-desktop. So it's not as dire as a completely useless VM. I just need a bit more time to play with this.


In a Windows guest, you fedora qxl then install spice-webdavd service. It can then be mounted and browsed in traditional applications thanks to gvfs-fuse.

OpenGL acceleration is currently fedora qxl only it has to go through a Unix socket and it needs guest support. Host-side, you need qemu 2. You need to configure a Unix socket to connect to fedora qxl VM display.


They are covered in the QEMU online documentation. An empty password prevents any connection.

While you will be able to remotely access your virtual machine through Spice without making any change to the virtual machine configuration, you can get better integration if you tweak it specially for Spice. If your virtual machine has a QXL video device and you install the corrresponding guest driver, your guest will support fedora qxl resolutions, multiple monitors, resizing to arbitrary resolutions, …. In addition, shipping pre-compiled sources is generally against Fedora policies.

QEMU/Guest graphics acceleration

Stable virtio-win iso. Comment 6 Alessio UTC. Comment 7 David H. Gutteridge UTC.

Comment 8 David H. Comment fedora qxl David H. This directory must contain ca-cert.Detailed Description; Benefit to Fedora; Scope; How To Test; User Currently the QXL driver is only, a KMS driver is required to move.

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Balloon/ - Virtio memory balloon driver. qxl/ - QXL graphics driver for Windows 7 and earlier. (build virtio-win and fedora qxl.

qxldod/ - QXL graphics driver.

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