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Y Support for feedback on information management A set of functions that will let the client service provider tell the supplier service datex web camera the outcomes of processing the information by datex web camera stated directive which had been exchanged. Y Distributed transaction A capability for the exchange system to coordinate among several involved service provider systems to collaborate in implementing a distributed service.


Y Distributed atomic transaction A capability for the exchange system to coordinate among several involved service provider systems to collaborate in implementing a distributed service keeping consistency in transaction. Y Synchronization A mechanism that lets clients request the whole set of information currently known to datex web camera supplier to ensure that its internal data structures be in exactly the same state as those of the supplier. This mechanism should also define how and when the client would be able to access the information it needs.

Y Y On demand request query The ability of the client to ask the server for information it needs whenever it wants Client Pull.

The session parameters constitute state information datex web camera between both stations. Y Y Error handling Datex web camera mechanism that allows both client and supplier to detect that an error has occurred during the exchange process and to decide what actions should be taken to handle it. Y Y Timely responses The communication layer should introduce a minimum delay on the data delivery process, ideally none. Y Y Timeout management The ability to handle timeout situations that happen during an exchange process. Y Y Exchange quality measures ex.

Y Y Logging A mechanism for storing information about exchange activities, which could then be used to analyse the whole process. Y Y Failed data recovery When the supplier fails to deliver the information to the client, this feature ensures that the failed data messages will be successfully delivered to the client at a later time. Y Y Message sequence A mechanism that allows identifying each message exchanged between two entities by including a unique sequence number. Y Y Full reliability A mechanism that ensures that data sent by a supplier is really received by the client provided that both client and supplier are active and have the ability to communicate.

This does not include any semantic validation. Syntax datex web camera is optional.

DATEX DW-01 - Web cameras specifications.

Y Y Link monitoring and control This feature enables both parties to continually check whether the datex web camera link works properly and act accordingly when it is broken. Y Y On occurrence update A supplier implementing this feature should send the information to the client as soon as it is available.

At the first request, the supplier returns the first data chunk. The response contains the message ID and the total number of parts chunks that comprise the datex web camera. The client then has to request each of the remaining parts of the message. Y Y Compression The ability to pack the same information in a smaller amount of data in order to decrease the transmission time.

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Y Y Client Authorization The process of verifying if a client is allowed to access some resource commonly referred to as read access or execute some action commonly referred to as write access. Y Y Supplier Authentication The act of establishing or confirming a supplier as authentic. The implementation of WS-Security has datex web camera higher impact on the implementation because is made on the Web Datex web camera implementation, is easy to implement, but forces that both supplier and client to implement the protocol in their Web Services implementation.


Definition Web Services Security v1. This specification is flexible and is designed to be used as the basis for securing Web services within a wide variety of security models including PKI, Kerberos, and SSL. Specifically, this specification provides support for multiple security token formats, multiple trust domains, multiple signature formats, and multiple encryption datex web camera. The token formats and semantics for using these are defined in the associated profile documents. This specification provides three main mechanisms: ability to send security tokens as part of a message, message integrity, and message confidentiality. These mechanisms by themselves do not provide a complete security solution for Web services.

Instead, this specification is a building block that can be used in conjunction with other Web service extensions and higher-level application-specific protocols to accommodate a wide variety of security models and security technologies.

Description of road and traffic data available in DATEX II format Statens vegvesen

These mechanisms can be used independently e. The DATEX II protocol deals with critical information about traffic and travel data, and the community datex web camera use the protocol expect that DATEX II should be a reliable, robust platform that guarantees the exchange of the information independent of the amount of data. The transmission of traffic and travel data ex. Measures or Elaborated Data over XML can be in some cases very large, therefore it will take a lot of time or will spend a lot of bandwidth to deliver the information between a supplier and a client.

Using the HTTP protocol compression can help reduce the size of data on the transport. These features and requirement are combined to implement specific exchange environments:. In this case Information is sampled and its validity is referred at the sampling time and next sampling time will be considered completely datex web camera information. In other cases Information updates observed can be considered as valid from the time it has been observed till a new observation which can update it. This is the case for instance of a message displayed on VMS observed at any message update time, or a road situation which is structured as a complex set of data combined in Classed and Attributes as in Situation publication. The latter case can be defined as Stateful Information. Even from Sample Data some processing can be implemented on these data to obtain information which can be considered valid and persistent for the road for a further period as an estimate e.

Information gathered at first can be updated and keeps its relevancy to road status for some time until it ends.DATEX DW Web cameras technical specifications database. those cameras or to those who wish to monitor the status or potentially take control of CCTV cameras deployed on the road network. These publications do not.


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