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In your case you are telling to the printer that tec tpcl label is 40mm wide. Automatic line feed aaaa:.


Navigation between pages within a site or to other websites is achieved through hyperlinks. Internet browser tec tpcl like Microsoft Internet Explorer tec tpcl Mozilla Firefox render the code and present the final result to the end-user when downloading the web pages from the web servers to the users desktop.

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Georgia and S. I tried, but no solution yet. Thanks in advance! Bram Hammer.

However, in case of the Centronics interface, the printer returns a status to the Nibble mode negotiation immediately after this command is received. If the next Status Request Command is transmitted within 20 msec. Regarding the free space of the receive tec tpcl, the printer returns this information of the interface that was used for sending this command.

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If the next Status Request Command is transmitted within 20 msec, the printer may fail to receive it. This command is not processed until the processing of the commands sent prior to this command is completed. Therefore, if this command is sent while the printer is in the state other than idle, the program version data tec tpcl not be returned immediately.

Notes 1 This command is effective only for the serial interface RSC. Fixed - - 6.

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The number of bytes of data specified tec tpcl this command is output to the tec tpcl serial interface CN6: RF-ID without being processed. A restart of the printer is not required. This command is stored into memory and is retained even if the power is turned OFF. Example To set the communication speed, the data length, the stop bit length, and the parity to bps, 8 bits, 1 bit, and even parity, respectively. The value is discarded when this parameter is set to OFF Not performed. They are discarded when any other setting 0, 1, or 2 is selected. As long as a battery is loaded, the date and time is retained and updated even after the power is turned off. Note 1 Be sure to load the battery whenever the real time clock is used.

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In that case, a restart operation is not available. However, once the power is turned off, it is tec tpcl to set the RTC settings again when the power is turned back to on.


Tec tpcl if the print count is specified to more than one for a issue command, the printer stops one by one. Example To set the real time clock to February 8, Example When the real time clock tec tpcl is February 28, Control code varies for every command. The read data is discarded.

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  • Описание TPCL - языка программирования принтеров Toshiba TEC B-SX6 и B-SX8

Data of 00H to 1FH is ignored and discarded in this mode. The code used in each command should not be set as the tec tpcl code. An error also results if a Data Command is transmitted for a filed No. An attempt to call a PC Save Command of an unsaved save identifier results in an error. When the printer is restored by the [RESTART] key, the printer enters the initial state which is obtained after the power is turned on. The paper has not been placed properly. The paper type used does not match the type of the sensor. The reflective sensor position is not aligned with the black marks.

Tec tpcl actual label size does not meet the designated label length.These drivers are only for use with Toshiba Tec Barcode Printers.


Toshiba Note: TPCL is abbreviation of TEC Printer Command Language. These drivers are only for use with Toshiba Tec Printers. Toshiba Tec and its subsidiaries tec tpcl take any responsibility for damage caused by the use of these.

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