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I wish that GearBox had software returns so that you could route recorded gearbox toneport from your host through GearBox's processing.

GearBox gearbox toneport knobs to adjust the monitor signal to the TonePort, the record signal to the recording software, the pan position of the recording signal, and the master output volume to the UX2. There is also a handy button to boost the signal to your recording software by 18 dB. Another nice GearBox feature is its hum-reduction algorithm, which operates using a simple Learn button. I got Gearbox working on El Capitan. Both packages come with exactly the same Gearbox software as well as a cut-down version of Ableton's Live 4 loop-based sequencer and offer the same sound quality.

What's different is that the UX2 has more connectivity options and features a nice pair of frog-eye meters, as well as phantom powering for capacitor microphones. The cheaper UX1 has stereo line ins and unbalanced line outs on quarter-inch jacks, one XLR balanced mic input and one high-impedance instrument input jack. A single headphone out is also included, but there's no phantom power for the mic input. There are rotary controls for mic gain and output level and there's also a stereo jack monitor input so that you can combine gearbox toneport output of your computer with that of the UX1 if you happen to be running an additional soundcard or interface under those operating systems that allow it.

Need a replacement for TonePort / POD Studio / GearBox / PODFarm

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Line 6 Gearbox TonePort GX Guitar Effects Interface

Despite repeated attempts, I have been unable to install GearBox onto the new laptop. Line 6 Monkey will update your drivers to the latest. After firmly establishing its POD range of hardware amp simulators as gearbox toneport ubiquitous, industry standard of sorts, Line 6 now seems to be aiming to make its sounds accessible to the widest possible range of guitarists with the GearBox software. All I have to do is improve my playing, learn some songs, and find some other musicians more talented than me who will do exactly as they're told. If the unit is used in stand alone the signal could be coming from the PC audio card or other interface not the UX2. Sonar has to "know" what's available so channel input has a selection.

Only then will the choices be shown in the channel inputs.

Just on a tangent but as it's been brought up I use Toneport as standalone inside Sonar. This flexibility makes it possible gearbox toneport monitor without recording effects such as delay or reverb that help your playing but which gearbox toneport like to replace later in the recording process.


At the top of the window, just to the right of the patch name window, are three buttons. The first changes between the stored setting and gearbox toneport edits you have made, allowing you to make comparisons before saving.

LINE 6 TonePort UX2 (Mac/Win) - EMusician

The second bypasses the modelling chain, giving you a clean signal path and shedding any computer CPU load that Gearbox imposes, while the third opens up a very precise and stable guitar tuner with an analogue meter-style readout. Where two-channel operation has been selected gearbox toneport the input source menu, you can set up two independent processing chains for the two input gearbox toneport using the two icons immediately to the left of the patch name to switch between their controls.


Sorry, this listing is no longer available. Pros The authentic Pod XT sound in a plug-in. Optional models can be added later.

Can be keyed to existing Line 6 USB hardware. When I select the TonePort, the clicks and pops are not as bad, shouldn't the selection still be my Digi the way I have it hooked up? A large silver knob controls the headphone level. All three are gearbox toneport products, though none offers the extremely low latency monitoring you get with the Line 6 hardware.

If you want the sound of a Pod XT but the flexibility of a plug-in, this is the product you've been waiting for.I gearbox toneport a toneport ux2 and my computer says when i put the disc in to load the soft ware for it that it not compatable with a 64 bit computer its. Helix/HX Firmware This free firmware update for Helix® and HX hardware processors and the Helix Native plug-in introduces 8 new amp models, 8 new effects models, QWERTY Hotkeys, remote support for Powercab® Plus, DT25TM, and DT50TM, per-string volume for Gearbox toneport, and more.

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