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  • Toshiba TFC55 DEVELOPER FOR ESc/C/c
  • 6LH - Toshiba e-STUDIO c, c, c Transfer Item Inc.
  • Toshiba Yellow Developer for the E-Studio 5520C 6520C 6530C
  • Photocopier Service and Supply to London Business for 30 years
  • Toshiba e-studio 6530c Series Manuals

Delivery is quick and secure. In Stock. The easy toshiba 6530c replace consumables allowed users to continue working with minimal downtime. However, security becomes impractical if advanced security features make access too complex. Toshiba Mono Office Printer.

Genuine Toshiba E STUDIO 6530C Automatic Toner Density Sensor

Canon Imagerunner Advance Toshiba 6530c. Club Copying is Canon and Toshiba Authorised with a 30 year reputation for service excellence. Club Copying is an independent reseller, established Reconditioned Photocopier. The printer is capable of printing on both sides of a page.


The sizes of paper that the printer can print on. When the [START] button is pressed, the both carriages start to move and scan toshiba 6530c original on toshiba 6530c glass. Scanning of an original placed on the RADF The carriage-1 stays at the shading position during shading correction, and at the scanning position during scanning operation. Carriage speed The carriage speed of the original placed on the original glass in the color mode is the same as that in the black mode.

Toshiba e-studio c Series Manuals

The carriage moves to its home position and performs the peak detection. Then it moves to the carriage waiting toshiba 6530c and waits. Power ON. PC board checked? The toshiba 6530c motor is a stepping motor driven by the control signal output from the scanner CPU on the SLG board and drives carriage-1 and Also, the rotation speed or direction of the motor can be switched by changing the output timing of each pulse signal. CCD board This circuit converts the reflected light amount from the original surface and the shading correction plate to electrical signals.

The exposure amount is controlled in two ways: - White reference formation - reads the reflected light amount from the white shading correction plate - Black reference formation - reads the light amount at the regulation position with the exposure lamp lights OFF Original Shading correction plate.

Structure Fluorescer is applied on the inside surface of the lamp pipe except a part to be an opening which is filled with the xenon gas. A pair of the external electrodes covered by the film with the adhesive agent is attached over the pipe. PET film Aluminum tape toshiba 6530c. Behavior inside the lamp The electron inside the pipe is led to the electric field by applying voltage to the pair of the external electrodes, and discharge is started. Electrons then flow and clash with the toshiba 6530c atoms inside the pipe to excite them, and generate ultraviolet rays.

These ultraviolet rays excite the fluorescent substance to generate visible light. CCD is a one-chip opto-electronic conversion device, comprised of several thousand light-receiving elements arranged in a line, each one of them is a few micron square. This equipment includes a CCD which has 7, light-receiving elements. Each element of the light-receiving section consists of semiconductive layers P and N. When the light irradiates the element, light energy produces a - charge in the layer P; the amount of the charge produced is proportional to the energy and irradiating time.

The charges produced in the light-receiving section are then sent to the transfer section where they are shifted toshiba 6530c transfer clock from left to right as shown in the figure below, and are finally output from toshiba 6530c CCD.

At this time, to increase the toshiba 6530c speed of the CCD, image signals in the even-number and odd-number elements are separated and output in parallel via two channels. Transfer clock Transfer section 1 2 3 4 Light source has a variation in its light distribution.

Toshiba 6530c the light beam reflected from the original is converged using a lens, the light path is the shortest at the center of the CCD and the longest at ends. This causes difference in the amount of light reaching the CCD i. Each of the 7, elements varies in opto-electronic conversion efficiency.


These variation need to be corrected and this correction is referred to as shading correction. Shading correction is performed by applying normalization process using the following formula on the black and white data obtained in advance to correct lighting variance and element variation of the image data. Coefficient Image data before correction Black data stored toshiba 6530c "Black" memory White data stored in "White" memory. This circuit detects the size of original standard sizes only using the reflection type photosensors arranged on the base frame of the scanner unit.


Each sensor consists of an toshiba 6530c Light Emitting Diode LED on the light emitting side, and a phototransistor on the light receiving side. When there is an original on the original glass, light beams from the LEDs are reflected by the original and led toshiba 6530c the phototransistors.

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toshiba 6530c This means that the presence of the original is detected toshiba 6530c the presence of reflection when scanning black image. When the equipment is in the original size detection mode, carriage-1 is set at its home position.The e -STUDIOc/c/c Series satisfies the increasing input and output demands for color documents in busy office environments.

Additional. TOSHIBA e-STUDIO C - Digital Copier Supercenter provides Chicago area and the whole US with digital, color, black & white copiers, toshiba 6530c and.

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