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Nov 10, 19 0 With current Revue firmware, our Android box can do much more than Revue. I bought it hoping to have it updated with official Honeycomb firmware in the near future. Rockchip 2918 in the kitchen trying to make a cake and you don't feel like going downstairs?

Community Forum Rockchip 2918 by IP. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Fabless semiconductor Consumer electronics.

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I've forgotten my password. My android version is 2.

[CM10][4.1.2]Rockchip rk2918 tablet based model.[unofficial][23/10]

Miscellaneous Android Development. Twrp 3. Thanks in advance for any help. Gianni-Perth Lurker. Oct 21, 7 rockchip 2918 5 Perth W.

GNU / Linux and the device on Rockchip

Amber open FPGA core. Electronics industry in China. Voyage us for details. Reason: Delete From Forum Rockchip 2918 option completely removes the post from the topic.

Upload or insert images from URL. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. For the partition with the core, 8MB would obviously be enough, with a large margin. Rockchip 2918 want rockchip 2918 note that rkcrc -k and mkkrnlimg -a give the same result.

X10 AirPad: USD Android Tablet powered by Rockchip RK

I flashed it, turned it on - the diode is off. Something does not come out with the core. I corrected the header bytes diverging rockchip 2918 the original which, of course, before the CRCadded headers, flashed it — it doesn't work. He returned the old core to its place.

Android netbook with RockChip RK2918 CPU shows up in China

I downloaded, but alas, there is only something related to the panic of the regular kernel 2. Desperate to flash your core. Attempt number 4 Well, since the kernel could not be flashed, it may be possible to flash rockchip 2918 else, leaving only the kernel. Since it was not possible to take a raid, I will take small rockchip 2918.

Cant watch movies online. The reassurance of the spiteful critics from my previous post, that Youtube and other applications installed from Play, earned great, and the device found no more rockchip 2918. This is a unique feature of Allwinner A10, which rockchip 2918 hard to underestimate, but still the system is physically run from an SD card, rather than a built-in flash. It is presumptuous to note that this is already the next step for the banal launch of a slightly doped image from an SD card.

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Preferably the newest. Or the newest of those that contains all the drivers specific to the device; - Put GNU; - Set the desktop environment; - Make a backup so that the device can be returned to its original state, if something goes wrong; - Good fun with a difficult task comparable to installing the rockchip 2918 versions of USB downloaders on the Wii and passing NetHack or Dwarf Fortress. PC with Arch Linux.

A rockchip 2918 of USB cords, adapters and so forth. Caution and self-flagellation Surely many of the readers would have done what is described in the topic, or at least some particular part, faster and better, but I did not find any mention of such a feat in the network.


The topic contains a lot of practice and quite a bit of theory, only the most necessary to understand what is being said rockchip 2918 what is happening I admit honestly, I and the theory itself in the described areas are clearly not enough. From an academic point of view, pulls on a three-hour laboratory work. Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb.The Rockchp RK is a budget ARM SoC for Android based tablets and smartphones.

Rockchip 2918 offers a integrated single-core ARM Cortex-A8 processor with 1 - GHz clock rate and NEON SIMD rockchip 2918. Futhermore the RK was the first SoC with hardware supported decoding of Google WebM. Rockchip RK vs ARM Cortex A8 GHz vs Rockchip RK GHz - Benchmarks, Tests and Comparisons.

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