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This small mobile printer is exactly what I need for invoicing and other jobs such as sending fellow tradesman details or step-by-step instructions that Igo500 usb can easily print off from my phone or the Web. Expert Rating. The warning for road safety cameras is disabled when GPS position is not available or if you are in certain countries where road safety camera warning is prohibited. The software is able to warn you if you exceed the current limit. This information may not be available for your region ask your local dealeror may not be fully correct for all roads in the map.

Speed warning can be fine-tuned in Sound and Warning settings page You can set the relative speed above which the application initiates the warning. The following alert types are available: Audio warning: you receive a verbal warning when you exceed the speed limit with the given percentage. Visual warning: the current speed limit is shown on the map when you exceed it igo500 usb example:.

You can also choose to see the speed limit sign on the map all the time. The battery symbol in the top left corner, next to the current time shows information about igo500 usb rechargeable battery of the device. Icon Description The battery is charging. The device runs on external power.


The battery is not charging but it is full. The battery is not full but it still igo500 usb enough capacity. You need to recharge the battery.

In the top right corner, the GPS reception quality icon shows the current accuracy of the position information. Igo500 usb with a built-in GPS receiver are permanently connected.

Uniden iGO500

Igo500 usb such devices, the icon does not appear in normal circumstances. The software is connected to the GPS receiver, but the signal igo500 usb too weak and the receiver cannot determine the GPS position. GPS navigation is not possible. Only a few satellites are received.

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Position information is available, but elevation altitude cannot be calculated. GPS navigation is possible, but the position error may be significant. Altitude information is available, igo500 usb position is a 3D position. GPS navigation is possible.

The recommended route is not always the same between two points. Offline statistical traffic information historical speed information or traffic patterns can be taken into account in the route calculation igo500 usb on the time of day and the day of week whenever suitable data exists. You can display the historical traffic information on the map if you browse the map and select this option from the More menu. A 2D map is displayed with road segments coloured by the density of the traffic in the given period.

The current information is shown when you open the screen. Modify the day of week and the time of day to see the desired period. If statistical traffic igo500 usb is stored with the map data, the software can take them into account when planning a route.

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In normal cases, these statistics help you avoid usual traffic jams on the given day of week in the given hour but in some cases like on public holidays that fall on normal weekdays, they can be misleading. You can igo500 usb statistical traffic information on the map if you browse the map and select this option from the More menu. Tap the following buttons:.

Description You can configure the program settings, and modify the behaviour of the software. Fine-tune route planning options, change the look of igo500 usb Map screen, turn on or off warnings, or restart the Configuration wizard, etc. See the next chapter for details. Access the music player application to play backround music during igo500 usb.

Create a playlist from the music files stored on your device and entertain yourself during your igo500 usb. Audio warnings and guidance messages still guide you on your route as the application can fade the music while these announcements are played.Get specs on Uniden IGO from Roadshow by CNET. Find out Uniden IGO GPS Accessories. USB cable, car power adapter, mounting bracket, stylus. The new IGO is the latest GPS from Uniden. Sleek and Stylish with a 5" Superflat Touchscreen LCD Display, the IGO is no thicker than 1X USB Cable.

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