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CipherLab scanners are versatile, agile, and priced right for long-lasting value. Product Image.

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Our portable barcode scanners are used in libraries, schools in health and government solutions. Established inHammer is a sub brand of Customer Focus - Solkiki Craft Chocolatemaker. Ruggedized barcode scanners have been constructed to cipherlab barcode reader resilient against dust, water, and drops on concrete. Here are some things to consider when it comes to durability:. If a barcode scanner does not have a IP rating or drop rating, it most cipherlab barcode reader means it was never tested by the manufacturer or it was never intended to be used in a harsh environment. Some barcode scanners can not read a barcode at contact distance due to the scan engine.

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The rating does not mean the device will be damage proof but does mean that the device will be highly resistant to catastrophic damage. Example: A device that has a drop rating of 4 feet means it can be dropped on concrete up to 4 feet. A cipherlab barcode reader failure is still possible but unlikely if it was dropped at 4 feet. If the device is dropped at a height higher than 4 feet then the potential of catastrophic damage increases.

Cipher Lab Barcode Scanners

If a device has no or a low drop rating then the device is suited best for permanently staying on top of a large desk or counter. Ingress Protection IP ratings is the standard rating for sealing electrical devices against dust and moisture. Each number has a specific meaning. The first number indicates the degree of protection from moving parts fingers, tools, wires, etc. The second number indicates the protection level against moisture — ranges from 0 to 8. Example: An IP65 rating means it is totally dust tight and is protected cipherlab barcode reader low pressure water jets. Keyboard wedge data appears on a computer screen just as it would have been typed through a keyboard.

The disadvantage of a keyboard wedge cipherlab barcode reader that the data cannot be modified prior to displaying on a screen.

USB is the most common option for connecting devices. The CipherLab mobile barcode scanner is pocket sized batch scanning with The CipherLab offers all of the same great features as the batch scanner but with the added convenience of Bluetooth connectivity for real time Shop cipherlab barcode reader Solution.

iball m27CipherLab AS31ECCBDBSG1 Barcode Terminal Features
craig model cmp641fAndroid Mobile Terminal
intel 6700pxhRecommended Accessories for the CipherLab AS31ECCBDBSG1

About SSL Certificates. The is able to read high density 1D barcodes at 3 mil resolution and 2D barcodes.


Part : Call For Pricing. Testimonial "The Cipherlab terminals have been a fantastic asset and valuable tool for our operations and have certainly made life much easier" Coca-Cola Amatil Testimonial "Service is very good, with reasonable repair times and overall costs. Parts are always avaiable locally so the turnaround time is cipherlab barcode reader kept to within a week, I can wholeheartedly recommend Cipherlab and have on many occasions" Mark Hawkins - General Manager - Test-Rite Australia Testimonial "We chose Cipherlab because we did do our homework and looked around.


The Cipherlab portable data terminals represented very cipherlab barcode reader and better value for money to the rest of their competition. Turned out to be a few things that were non Cipherlab related but they still got it going for me.A specialized manufacturer and supplier of Barcode Scanners in Taiwan. Welcome to visit our website to browse more Barcode Scanners relative products.

CipherLab provides Automatic Identification and Data Capture/Collection (AIDC) products in mobile computers and barcode scanners. Learn more.

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