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Agptek Apple 22, Shah United States v. Microsoft antitrust case Microsoft Ireland case. Category Portal.

Categories : Portable media players Touchscreen portable media players Zune Defunct consumer brands Zune hd 16gb Microsoft products. In this respect Microsoft did a fine job and delivered an iPod touch competitor. Buying Format see all.

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Classified Ads. On the Zune HD, you'll find oversize main-menu text that recklessly rolls off zune hd 16gb screen, album pages with band photos hung in the background, and a secondary main menu called Quickplay, which works like a messy desk drawer filled with all the stuff you use frequently play history, new content, and any songs, photos, videos, radio stations, or Web pages you've pinned for easy access. In a side-by-side comparison with the iPod Touch, you'd swear that Apple's whole "I'm a Mac" campaign got its characterizations reversed.

Features The set of features packed into the Zune HD are unapologetically focused on media playback and entertainment. On the main menu you'll find options for music, videos, pictures, radio, Marketplace Microsoft's music download portaland Internet. Some features, such as podcasts, audio books, and applications, are given main menu categories once there's content zune hd 16gb justify it.


Zune hd 16gb also seems to be little crossover from the knowledge of the Windows Mobile team aside from a stripped-down version of Internet Explorer. Those letters actually spell out the name of the album, and tapping it functions as a back button, taking you back to the album.

The Zune Is Dead. Here's What to Do With Your Old One

This can be fixed with a firmware update—just add a clear "back" icon like on the now playing screen! Now Playing The Now Playing screen cleverly finds a photo of the artist and uses that as the wallpaper, and I love the screensaver that zune hd 16gb scrolls the artist, track name, album name, length and album art.

Microsoft nails the advanced zune hd 16gb work—what about the obvious? How do I pause, navigate forward and backward, and adjust volume? It's not as easy as it should be.

Microsoft Corporation - Zune HD 16GB - Setup Guide

Bill Gates Paul Allen. John W. Windows Xbox OS. Where do you want to go today?

≫ Microsoft Zune HD 16GB vs Sony Walkman F What is the difference?

To turn it off manually, press and hold. Return to home screen Press the home zune hd 16gb. Go to Quickplay Tap the background on the home.

In these dark times, you might find comfort knowing 15 people are watching a Zune 30 GB on eBay right now. The 3.

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It offers selections of all the basics music, video, pictures as well as extra features like radio, social, and apps, making it relatively easy to cut to the intended function with a minimum of navigation. Sure, you can update your Facebook status, check your Gmail, or read the latest news, but pitted head-to-head with the iPhone's Safari browser, the Zune HD falls short.Buy Zune HD 16 GB Video MP3 Player (Black): MP3 & MP4 Players MP3 Player with BluetoothBERENNIS 16GB Portable Lossless Sound Zune hd 16gb Music.


The Microsoft Zune HD 16GB has the same features as the 32GB version, with the same pros and cons.

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