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To switch quickly between the activities: create a new mepis please fix and locate it where you want it, then add the widget "Activity Bar" to the panel.


If you like, you can resize the panel to match the bar and set it to auto-hide. If your graphics card is capable and you have the correct driver for it, it may be possible to set up a cube with a desktop on each face. Here is the procedure:. If you see any errors, check that your graphics card is capable and the driver is correct see Section 5. Below is the default Page One with a random weather location but no sources selected for the Community or Knowledge widgets. When Netbook is first launched, it is recommended that you cancel the login dialogs that pop mepis please fix.

Also, you probably will want to click on Page One at the top of the page, and delete the Community and KnowledgeBase widgets with the black cross in the top right corner of each, or by right clicking and selecting delete from the context menu they can be reinstalled later if required. Then use the Search and Launch tab at the top of the page to return to the main desktop. For details about this Netbook configuration, see the Wiki entry below. Keep in mind that in general everything runs much more slowly from the LiveDVD. DVD won't boot. Newer computers often have a hotkey such as F8, F10, or F12 which will invoke a boot device menu when pressed during startup. Please consult your system's operating manual for the correct procedure. LiveDVD stops during bootor once booted performs exceptionally poorly.

Does not boot to graphical login kdm. First, check that you have a good mepis please fix and burn, as described earlier. If that is OK, then try these steps:. You can do this during installation, but it is recommended that you do it before starting the install. Note that some older hardware may require a restart after the partition tables are edited.


To prepare the hard drive for MEPIS Linux, it is recommended that you create three partitions: one for the mepis please fix of the filesystem, one for the user home directories, and one for swap virtual memory. You do not have to create a separate home, but it makes upgrades easier and protects against problems caused by users filling up the drive.

If you choose to install to the entire disk without partitions, you can skip this next section. Mepis please fix you begin editing partitions, it is critical that you understand how MEPIS Linux and other Linux operating systems refers to hard drives and hard drive partitions.

The device names always start with sd plus a single letter. For instance, the first drive on your system will be sdathe second mepis please fixetc. Within each drive every partition is referred to as a number appended to the device name. It is important to understand the difference between referring to an entire device such as sda and a partition on the device such as sda1. There are more advanced means of naming drives, the most common of which is the UUID Universally Unique IDentifierused to assign a permanent name that will not be changed by the addition or removal of equipment. See the Wiki entry under Links and Guides, below. PC hard disks were originally permitted only four partitions. These are called "primary" partitions in Linx and are numbered 1 to 4. You can increase the number by making one of the primary partitions into an "extended" partition, then dividing that into logical partitions limit 15 that are numbered from 5 onward.

Linux can be installed into a primary or logical partition.

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However there are some small risks, particularly if your hard drive is old or very full. You can mitigate these risks by taking the following steps on your Windows installation consult your online Windows help F1 if you are unsure how to mepis please fix any of these tasks :. Take mepis please fix time! You can do the steps one at a time or all together at the end. Here we separate them out so we can illustrate the result of each step. Very Important!

It is important to exit MEPIS Linux correctly when you have finished your session so that the system can be brought down in a secure way. All running programs are first notified that the system is going down, giving them the time to save any file being edited, exit from mail and news programs, etc. If you just turn the power off, you risk the possibilities of damaging the operating system. Once in a mepis please fix you may encounter a total lockup of your computer that cannot be corrected by killing a runaway program Section 8. If you are roaming and changes need to be made, these are easily done using the same tool. Mepis 3.


Opera Install yet another Browser.If you use MEPIS Linux, please consider paying for your copy by contributing or and the developers upon whom MEPIS Linux relies work hard to correct them. MEPIS PLEASE FIX DRIVER Mepis please fix - Basic permissions are represented by r read, w write and x execute. Select both the Icon mepis please fix Preview buttons in the .

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