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Driver PostgreSQL v7. Driver Sybase jConnect 4. SybDriver Sybase jConnect 5. Connection Object The Connection object has the following capabilities: 1.

Creates SQL statements. Other 1. Primary Key Errors This is somewhat com cloudscape core jdb to a previous thread, but the answer on this one I hope is much simpler than the original thread. Will a Primary key error stop replication. If not, will there be no side effects if I am sure that the error can be disregarded.

If so, then is it just a matter of resolving the particular record in question and the system will then continue to run? Sybase 6.

I've pasted some dbremote output below. The executeBatch is used to start the execution of all the statements grouped together.

A List of JDBC Drivers

The executeBatch returns an array of integers, and each element of the array represents the update count for the respective update statement. Just as you can add statements com cloudscape core jdb a batch for processing, you can remove them with the clearBatch method. This method removes all the statements you added with the addBatch method.

However, you cannot selectively choose which statement to remove Set auto-commit to false using setAutoCommit. Add as many as SQL statements com cloudscape core jdb like into batch using addBatch method on created statement object. Execute all the SQL statements using executeBatch method on created statement object. Finally, commit all the changes using commit method. Batch Updation Double click on row and choose your file.

Click commit to save Date new java. ResultSet; import java. The CallableStatement provides an interface for calling database stored procedures.

A DataSource object is the representation of database DataSource object can be thought as a factory for making connections to the particular database that the DataSource instance represents. Basic DataSource class This class is provided by the driver vendor. It is used for portability and easy maintence. To provide connection pooling. NullPointerException could anybody have an idea on thisits urgent for me to solve this. I am able to execute the code in windows OS. This has nothing to do with Oracle though Solaris 5. After a few hours of use, with users, the server app appears to hang from the client.

If I do a kill -3 on the server process, I see a whole buttload of threads over stuck on DriverManager. The trace doesn't com cloudscape core jdb anything deeper than that, but it is Oracle thin client being used.


While this is going on, I can connect to the Com cloudscape core jdb box from the app server box all day long using a small class I wrote that just does a connection open and close. This app was working fairly flawlessly until about a week ago. Nothing in terms of drivers or JVM version has changed, but there has been slightly more user load lately.

1. JDBC driver is not loaded

It seems that every new user request that comes in after a certain point ends up with a thread blocked like this. Featured on Meta. Com cloudscape core jdb to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! This makes the database data and its logic into a single, self-contained application package.iversalDriver. Cloudscape jdbc:cloudscape: iver. Cloudscape RMI. forName("cDriver"); Connection connection = nection("jdbc:cloudscape:rmi:books"); Statement statement.

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