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The Liquid Mix emulations have been under construction for over two years, with some emulations requiring focusrite liquid mix than separate sampling sequences, taken over a period of months to ensure genuine emulation; hence the need of Liquid Mix's immensely powerful onboard DSP to drive up to 32 Liquid Mix compressors and 32 EQs simultaneously.

Focusrite Liquid Mix (Preview)

At the top left is a field focusrite liquid mix type in the name of the track — this is important for those wanting to use the hardware interface for tweaking. In the pull-down menu for the compressor I see all of the currently available models the final list of 40 compressor and 20 EQ emulations can be viewed online at www. Speaking of feel, one of the many cool aspects of the control surface is the bright and tall LED level meters, including a dedicated gain reduction meter, which I loved — after using plug-ins for so long it was exciting to glance down and see physical meters for the channel I was on. I gave the compressors some real stick to see how far I could push things before they sounded like digital trash.

On the Fairchild, the attack and ratio controls on the GUI are grayed out because the original unit never had them.

Focusrite Liquid Mix Signal processing - SONOLOGY Toulouse

Also, like the original, release time is offered as a choice focusrite liquid mix six different arcane time constants. With Free, I now had a Fairchild with variable ratio from toattack times from 0. This is a fantastic feature because, operationally, vintage gear sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, although the sonic character is usually worth it. The software GUI is where you'll find the real detail: the compression is on the left and the EQ on the right the signal flow focusrite liquid mix be reversed at the push of a button.

There's only one potential point of confusion: although all the emulations use the same interface, some of the parameters aren't available on certain emulations because focusrite liquid mix aren't available on the original hardware either. However, you can disable the strict emulation mode and bring additional parameters into action, albeit at the expense of authenticity.

When I first got the unit, I loaded the Liquid Mix into a vocal channel that contained a rather badly recorded vocal track done with a dynamic mike that I focusrite liquid mix never quite able to get to sound right. What matters to me focusrite liquid mix that I have vintage sounds and amazing control at my fingertips without ever having to worry about your system choking up. The screen layout is excellent and you actually get better control and feedback than you would ever get from the original units.

Focusrite Liquid Mix

Focusrite stress that the following product names, trademarks and trade names are used solely to identify and describe the third-party products the sonic behaviour of which was studied in focusrite liquid mix design of Liquid Mix — no collaboration or endorsement between Focusrite and these companies is implied. Note that each emulation has a short and a longer name; the former focusrite liquid mix what appears in the unit's own LCD, while the fuller name appears on your computer. Based on a Millennia STT1, serial number solid-state input, solid-state compressor settings.

Based on a Universal Audio LN reissue mono limiting amplifier, serial number Based on the six-band EQ section of a single channel from an Amek Angela console, serial number The Liquid Mix offers a great range of sweet-sounding EQs and compressors with full hardware control and no CPU load, for a very attractive price. Behind The Mask The Liquid Mix utilises a patented process called Dynamic Convolution to measure examples of the sonic impact of original analogue products upon an audio stream, so as to electronically focusrite liquid mix the performance of the original product. Pros Works like any other plug-in but with minimal CPU load.

Computer Audio Hardware. You don't get a lookalike plug-in interface for each device emulated — all have the same interface, which on the plus side, means that you judge them all by their sound and not by their cosmetics. Having physical knobs to adjust the plug-ins, not to mention hardware meters, is very welcome. To set up a mixed EQ hybrid, you simply click on any of the knobs in the desired EQ band to select it, then go to the EQ menu and follow the arrowhead that leads to a submenu of 'root' EQ bands that can be loaded into the currently selected band.


You can do the same thing from the hardware controller by pressing the Emulation Select button, which brings up a list of EQ types focusrite liquid mix screen. You can scroll through these using the data knob, after which pressing Emulation Select again brings up the EQ band menu allowing you to choose one. The process can be cancelled at any stage using the Go Back button.

To select an empty band from the hardware, you need to press and turn the data encoder to navigate to the empty band, after which you can load your desired EQ section into it. I once managed to set up a hybrid EQ that seemed to distort rather badly when I applied a lot of upper mid-boost, even though the meters were happy, but for the most part the system works perfectly, and I never managed to recreate the focusrite liquid mix after that. Also, because the remote and the DSP hardware are one in the same, if focusrite liquid mix computer is far from your mix station, you may have to forgo using Liquid Mix as a remote or research a solution for getting FireWire reliably to your desk. The official IEEE a specification limits cable runs to 4.

LiquidMix Manager the settings application allows you to reduce the channel count so that less of the FireWire bus is reserved-this is an essential feature when you're sharing the bus with other devices.

I've had my Liquid Mix since version 1.If you're looking for characterful focusrite liquid mix and EQ to warm up your computer- based mixes, Focusrite's Liquid Mix might just be the answer. Focusrite's Liquid. PREVIEW: Focusrite's Liquid Mix could be the hottest product of the year, using convolution technology to integrate a stellar range of vintage analogue EQ and.


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