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The addition of the pad bank offers several performance advantages — whether used to trigger samples, drones or loops. For its pairing of Patches with Pad assignments, I fantom x8 found the Live Setting feature very welcome indeed.

Roland Fantom X8 After Board Assembly

My disappointments were few, but of these, having fantom x8 three multi-effects compares poorly with the Triton and the Motif ES with their five and eight insert effects respectively; both Korg and Yamaha use their effects well to give a superior finish to every sound. I would also have liked a few more user Performances — or to dispense with the supplied preset patches fantom x8.

However, it makes no attempt to integrate audio, and there's no equivalent of Korg's 'In Track Sampling'. Finished songs can be sampled directly though, and the resulting WAVs may then be transferred across the USB connection fantom x8 burning to CD on your computer. If you are already using your computer for this purpose, it's quite logical. Oops, looks like you forgot something. Capture loops, vocals, noises or any other sound with the Fantom-X's advanced sampling capabilities. Updated for Version 2.

Learn how to use time-based effects, create arpeggios, work with mastering effects and record realtime patch tweaks. Hidden categories: All stub articles. These files will need to be extracted from the zip file before you can update your fantom x8. When you're ready to mix down, simply switch on the dedicated Mastering processor with multi-band compression for tight, punchy mixes. Second, it can be used to import and export audio in. Now it's easy to bring in samples from your computer and use them in a sequence.

Roland - Fantom-X8 Workstation Keyboard

This might depend up-to each user, because the Fantom provides you a "preview" mode for each sound, and of-course every sound sounds awesome when you preview them. The Bass section is fantom x8 and very useful. I love the "Basement" and the "X finger" bass. The Strings patches are also note-worthy, providing a lot of Pizzicato and Staccato patches like the "Delicate Pizzicato" and "Staccato Vs" especially. Plug the midi out of the fantom into the midi in on your firestudio soundcard. In it was succeeded by the Fantom-G, fantom x8 was devised to compete with the new Korg and Yamaha flagship keyboards.

Roland Fantom X8 After Board Assembly

Roland claim this as a first for high-end synth workstations, which I believe it is, although well-specified arranger keyboards have had them for fantom x8 a while — I seem to recall the Technics KN having a colour screen as far back as It's nice to see a colour display finally reach a series fantom x8 high-end synth workstations, as they've been on high-spec arranger keyboards for a few years. The function buttons still don't quite line up under their on-screen tabs, though! Photo: Mark Ewing.

Prior to receiving the synth, I wondered whether colour would be more of a gimmick than a real step forward. However, when faced with the reality, I quickly acknowledged the benefits — not least because each screen can pack fantom x8 more information before it looks cramped or confusing. Even the Performance Mixer screen, with its 16 sliders and many small buttons, is usable, but had it been rendered in monochrome instead, I doubt this would have been the case. All the patches are precisely edit ready and have been recorded and sampled using multiple microphones by renowned studio engineer and sound designer Dan Blessinger.


The Pitch-bend and the Modulation lever is provided in one same joystick controller towards the left side of the keyboard. Other than this, there are a few other beautiful - well planned knobs providing users with more options to discover and manipulate every sound within. A Realtime control box is attached next to the Fantom x8 screen that provides with 4 different multi purpose functionalities. Jan 14, Problem with Roland A Keys below D-2 not working. Jan 1, The Fantom-X Series [was] the flagship of the Roland workstation family, offering musicians nearly 1GB of wave memory when fully expanded, and voice performance.


At the top of the vast soundset is Roland's finest key split fantom x8 piano, with each note individually sampled at multiple velocities. In addition, the Fantom-X provides room for four SRX expansion boards, so fantom x8 can customize their soundsets to their specific needs and stylistic preferences. Oops, looks like you forgot something. Thanks to the power afforded by the new sound generator chip, you get both. That's because the Fantom-X is the first workstation keyboard capable of handling audio on the level of a digital recorder. This means you can record either short samples for playback on the keyboard, or long, linear takes similar to a digital recorder.

This update also resolves a timing issue within the sequencer.

Likewise, you can quickly mix down your song, re-sample it in stereo, and then transfer the file to a computer for CD-burning. The Fantom-X Series is not only a great choice for studio musicians, but also for live performers. Imagine being able to instantly trigger clips from the Dynamic Pad Bank, or create transitions and effects using the pitch bender and fantom x8. The keys are extremely soft and delicate, but very strong and durable.The Fantom-X Series is the flagship of the Roland workstation family, offering musicians nearly 1GB of wave memory when fully expanded, and voice performance.

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The Fantom-X Series is the first line of workstation keyboards with a color LCD screen. Fantom x8 with an inviting icon. The Roland Fantom X Series is one of the best Audio/Midi Workstation series developed by Roland. The preset library provides 1, patches with GM2 sounds.

There are several hard-ware external connections that can be made to the Fantom X8.

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