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If independent earthing I is impossible, use joint earthing II where fr-e700 usb inverter is connected with the other equip- ment at an earthing point. Joint earthing as in III must be avoided as the inverter is connected with the other equipment by a common earth cable.

INVERTER FR-E บริษัท แอดวานซ์เทคโนโลยี จำกัด

Also a leakage current including many high frequency components flows in the earth fr-e700 usb of the inverter and inverter-driven motor. Therefore, they must use the independ- ent earthing method and be separated from the earthing of equipment sensitive to the aforementioned noises.


In a tall building, it will be a good policy to use the noise malfunction prevention type earthing with steel frames and carry out fr-e700 usb shock prevention type fr-e700 usb in the independent earthing method. The earth cable should be of not less than the size indicated in Tab.


To prevent an electric shock, the inverter, input filter and motor must be earthed. This inverter must be earthed. Main circuit fr-e700 usb Wiring 3 - 12 Total wiring length The maximum possible length of the motor cables depends on the capacity of the inverter and the selected carrier frequency. The lengths in the following table are for fr-e700 usb cables.

When shielded cables are use di- vide the values listed in the table by 2. In parallel connections of several motors every motor wire fr-e700 usb be counted. In this example, for the frequency inverter with an output capacity of 3. The motors must be approved for inverter operation by the manufacturer refer also to section 3. Especially for long-distance wiring, the inverter may be affected by a charging current caused by the stray capacitances of the wiring, leading to a malfunction of the overcurrent protective function, fast response current limit function, or stall prevention function or a mal- function or fault of the equipment connected on the inverter output side. If fast-response current limit malfunctions, disable this function.

When the stall prevention function misoperates, increase the stall level. Refer Pr. Among other things, this is made possible by high-performance heat-resistant capacitors, cooling fans with sealed bearings and special lubricating greases. Product Details. Controlled deceleration for brief power failures Automatic restart after power failures An investment in the future Long lifetime — Frequency inverter drives from Mitsubishi Electric are famous for their reliability and longevity. Save time! After the installer starts, follow the instructions given on each screen. Product details a. Page Page - Perform frequency setting by analog curr Page Page Page - Perform frequency setting by analog volt Page Page Page - Change the frequency 40Hz of the maxim The flows of cooling air only come into contact with the heat sinks, not with the electronic components, ensuring that no dust or dirt can collect on the components.

Description of the Case Fr-e700 usb checking and part identification 1 - 2 1. Refer to the outline dimension drawing.

Mitsubishi FR-E700 15kW 400V – AC Inverter Drive Speed Controller, Unfiltered

Refer to section A. IE Fig. Changing fr-e700 usb control logic jumper connector refer to section 3.

For removal and reinstallation of the cooling fans, refer to section 8. Description of the Case Product checking and part identification 1 - 4 Reinstallation To reinstall, match fr-e700 usb cover to the inverter front and install it straight.FR-E Frequency Inverter. Instruction Manual. FR-ES EC.

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FR-E EC. Art. No: This instruction manual provides instructions for advanced use of the FR-E series inverters. Incorrect USB connector fr-e700 usb. (refer to.

The inverter can be easily fr-e700 usb without a USB-RS converter. Wizard ( interactive) function of FR Configurator (inverter setup software) provides setting.

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  • INVERTER FR-E บริษัท แอดวานซ์เทคโนโลยี จำกัด
  • 5.5kW Three Phase 12A Inverter
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  • Mitsubishi AC Drive FR-E700 Series, Input Phase: Three Phase

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