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We are unable to take parts back because they will not work in particular brand product if they function correctly in others. Any damages arising from a defective product to be limited to a refund gateway m-6866 the purchase gateway m-6866 only.

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Defective items will be replaced with either a repaired or refurbished unit even for DOA's. If no replacement unit available within 30 days, we will issue a credit memo. Credits expire 6 months after date of gateway m-6866.

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Gateway M review - Engadget

Screen size. I guess this would be consdiered a "desktop replacement" It would be treated well, I have expensive music gear and it lasts forever if treated correctly. It seems that aside from portability which I dont see as an issue being a 6 foot pound male, but I also find that computers are more powerful and less expensive every few years, and I dont have gateway m-6866 big budget, so either of the computers I mentioned seem to be good enough for what I am looking for and the issues I am running in to with the desktop I have are those of it being older, I spent a small amount of money to raise the memory from the, at the time upgraded to MB to 1. The processor seems to be considered a good one in either of the gateways. I guess I dont understand how the T-model can rate highly but a M model with more featuers is not a good choice?

I would use the memory it has and the cd laser burning for radio show discs. Would also like something I would gateway m-6866 be tied to being stationed in the basement, would like a laptop that I gateway m-6866 use in bed too I am sick a lot What would the suggested model give me for bucks less? If not used for games which I dont play at all and less so on a computer, and the battery life is not good I dont know how much new batteries are but perhaps a protection plan would solve that issue too? My phillips 55 inch HDTV I bought in is, other than being large, never had a problem and I never used the buck protection plan. Thanks for your help, I have spoken to salesmen and they have suggested these and when comparing laptops in the same price range these just have memory and featues far better than the other laptops for the same money.

But that is why I came here, for my uses am I still missing something?


A link to the Model T would be nice. The sale brought it under It's normally more.

Gateway M6866 M-6866 Notebook Specs and Details

Terms and Conditions apply. I decided upon a laptop for portablilty, I am going back to college and see lap tops common among students, the amount of both Hardrive and RAM are very good for my needs. Aside from school I do a lot of downloading and burning of old time radio shows, may use some music recording software, I am a heavy user of Email and as I live in the seattle area and every starbucks has wifi available it would not be hard to have a real screen and keyboard to use this. I could also use it for DOT traffic cameras. The occasional times when I want to watch a dvd. The ability gateway m-6866 run multiple programs efficiently and the large amount of storage space from my radio shows and photos and eventually videos seems like a good match.

I have deleted about everything I could from my desktop with a 40Gig Hard drive and it is still maxed out. It is also have several issues. I do plan to remove the data I want to keep, move it to gateway m-6866 laptop or a gateway m-6866 hard drive and then wipe it clean using restore discs, and then also buy a low cost second desktop.Gateway M Laptop Notebook Parts. Memory, Hard Drives, DVD, Batteries, Power Adapters and other Parts for Gateway M; CPU: Intel Core 2-Duo.

Gateway M M Notebook Specs and Details

Gateway M Techical Specification. Basic Info.

Brand: Gateway. SKU: M. Processor. Processor Class: Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile.


Processor Speed:

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